Children are assets for Indonesia in the future. Before we distribute Solar Lanterns to this village, we came here to teach and have fun with students here. Here's only elementary school. One room is for 2 classes. Can you guys imagine it ??? The students here are only more less 27. At this village, society use generator to turn on the electricity. Thats why GPF wants to give solar lanterns to make this village better and make students can study at night. During 3 days, we as U-Gen Palembang and Soohyun Eom from GPF Korea come to this school. We dance, we laugh, we learn, we share, we compete and we have fun :)
a) the entrance of village
b) a student brings the red-white flag
c) some U-gen Palembang and Soohyun Eom
d) photo-shot together

We teach them some dances like saman dance, melayu dance and chicken dance. not only that, but also we make a photogenic contest and draw a dream. The students make a poem, sing a song, give us so many questions. We played Indonesia Pintar and make a motivation class.

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