Palembang Surveyor and Team

Alllights Village Project is not just a project but a movement to build model villages embodying the Global Peace Foundation’s (GPF) vision “One Family under God” by providing solar charged lamps to villages without electricity in the world. Hope to 1.9 billion people in underdeveloped areas around the globe who do not have access to electricity and light at night. 

The project encourages the local village members to be responsible for their community by facilitating collaborative efforts in creating the ‘Alllights Village’. In effect, schoolchildren in Alllights Villages will have sufficient time to study, obtain proper education, and grow to become productive citizens that contribute to the development of their villages. So they can make the foundation for social and economic development on their own. In addition, the use of solar-powered lights will help reduce global warming and counter climate change by eliminating polluting fuels.

with Mr. Bambang Wahyudi SH, M.Si , Mr. Izard, S.T, Mr. Ponaryo
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