GPYC Sriwijaya

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GPYC Sriwijaya
we are U-Gen ! We love our mothers :*

Here is our unplanned project to create ownership for our own mothers. it's just a little action to make women be happy. Shared peace candies for some mothers who we met at PSx Mall :)

to our special mothers on their special day 
thanks for thinking we are funny
even though we're really not
we love you quiet a lot
thanks for taking us places
we couldn't have gotten on our own
and for always making our home
thanks for always being there
to make sure that we're okay

December, 22th 2013

GPYC Sriwijaya

all team and participants during fieldtrip :)

writer by Septi Melia Utami (U-Gen Palembang)
original source :

team in action
Throughout the history of the nation - state, the interaction is done either by the state or human beings never be separated from the conflict. Armed conflict and humanitarian frequently occurred one after another, even in them is still happening today and has claimed many civilian casualties. Despite the ongoing conflict, but the ideals of world peace is never extinguished. Various attempts and movements being conducted by many parties to achieve a peaceful world. One effort to do in realizing this goal is to mobilize youth. Why youth? Because youths are the future leaders who can bring about change, not only on a national scale, but also globally. Youth is believed to be the future leaders of character, morals, and has a new innovation, so that the ideals of world peace can be realized immediately.

Global Peace Volunteers (GPV) Camp is a program that can be a forum for young people to exchange ideas and learn from each other through service activities, which can foster a culture of mutual help and the spirit of volunteerism. In addition, this activity is also a place to shape young leaders of character and virtue worth.

GPV Camp 1.17 was the 17th time this camp held since the founding of the Global Peace Festival Indonesia Foundation (GPFIF) in 2010, which is the parent organization of activities GPV Camp. Working closely with the Global Peace Youth Corps Indonesia (GPYCI), Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC) Chapter Palembang, and GPFIF. It also became the third camp held outside the Java Island, in Palembangon December 16 - 19, 2013.

At this event, there was an International U – Gen Seminar, which is a movement that gathers young people from Sriwijaya University who are moral and innovative.

U-Gen International Seminar
a) U-Gen International Seminar

U-Gen International seminar held at the University of Sriwijaya, was attended by 28 participants with GPV Camp, 32 students at the University of Sriwijaya, vice dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Sriwijaya University, and Mr. James Poon as an international representative of the GPF GPF Indonesia. This seminar was filled by two speakers that are icons of young leaders from the two countries, which I Gede Pandu Wirawan (Indonesia/Indonesian President GPYC) and Mr. James Poon (Malaysia/Malaysia GPF) In addition, there were also some games and question and answer sessions.

b) Learning about the Vision
In this session, Mr. James Poon explained about the importance of a vision. GPF has a vision, namely “One Family Under God”. This session makes the participants understand to live in peace, harmony, and equality of humankind. Participants also realize the importance of living with everyone as one family. Not only learn, but also group discussion about how to realize and achieve that vision “One Family under God”.

c) Learning about ‘True Love’ and Core Values
Mr. James Poon shared about true love and pure love, also about the importance family as a place to learn loving each other, where family is the first place to learn about love. In this session, participant understand that the meaning of true love is living for other.

Participants also learn about four core values which are needed to become a leader. I Gede Pandu Wirawan explained that as a moral and innovative leader, we must have the core values, which are living for greater good, dream big, take ownership, and team work.

        d) Learning about ‘Service in Action’
In this session, I Gede Pandu Wirawan shared his experiences on doing service. All the participants were inspired by the story. They were inspired to live for others. Through this session, all participants can understand that big thing starts from small action. So when they go back to their city, they can do something for their environment.

e) Bridge Building and Unity Ball
bridge building

In this session, the participants were divided into five groups which have been previously determined were then asked to work together on a task that has been given by the team GPFIF. The first task was to build a replica of the bridge with a limited newsprint, which is able to withstand the mass number of books.

The second challenge is the participants, still in the group, were asked to complete a level-by-level difficulty of playing ball certain provisions, such as playing with one hand, playing with clenched hands, and so on. The second challenge is intended that each participant can work together and further enhance the intimacy between them. Through this challenge, participants can apply the four core values ​​that have been previously submitted.

f) Heart to Heart
Through Heart to Heart, participants were asked to make their life-chart and then share the story to another participant that already chosen before. Although they did not really know each other but they can open their heart to share and listen to their partner’s story. The goal of this session is to build trust which is the main value to create peace. The atmosphere in this session was very touching. Some of the participants shared their story and inspired the other participants. Their tears were the prove that they understood each other.

  g) Skill Performance and Gift Exchange

In this session, five groups which have been formed during the camp took place, was asked to show a duration of 5 min skit on the theme: One Family under God, living for others, true love, and the 4 core values​​. Through this dramatic performance, the participants will be easier to understand the learning that has been given in previous sessions in this camp.

In addition to dramatic performance session, the participants had previously been asked to bring a gift that will be exchanged at random on gift exchange session among participants. The purpose of this session is to share laughter and togetherness that they have felt during the GPV Camp.

h) Service Project
After receiving the learning about service project described by I Gede Pandu Wirawan, participants were invited down straight to action. In this session, the participants visited the Desa Sungai RambutanKota Terpadu Mandiri, Ogan Ilir, with the guidance of a mentor. Participants can take the lesson to always be grateful for the gift of God and always try and eager to face all challenges.

i ) Focus Group Discussion Action Plan and Taking Photos

On the last day of camp, the participants were asked to discuss the group, to determine what steps they do next, especially after receiving a variety of learning provided during the four-days camp takes place. Participants were then asked to present the results of their discussion. In closing the camp, the participants are invited to take pictures together.

        j) Field Trip
On the last day of camp, the participants also invited to know more about Palembang city through visitation to some tourism places and Palembangnese culinary centre. 

GPYC Sriwijaya

GPYC Sriwijaya

Children are assets for Indonesia in the future. Before we distribute Solar Lanterns to this village, we came here to teach and have fun with students here. Here's only elementary school. One room is for 2 classes. Can you guys imagine it ??? The students here are only more less 27. At this village, society use generator to turn on the electricity. Thats why GPF wants to give solar lanterns to make this village better and make students can study at night. During 3 days, we as U-Gen Palembang and Soohyun Eom from GPF Korea come to this school. We dance, we laugh, we learn, we share, we compete and we have fun :)
a) the entrance of village
b) a student brings the red-white flag
c) some U-gen Palembang and Soohyun Eom
d) photo-shot together

We teach them some dances like saman dance, melayu dance and chicken dance. not only that, but also we make a photogenic contest and draw a dream. The students make a poem, sing a song, give us so many questions. We played Indonesia Pintar and make a motivation class.

GPYC Sriwijaya

Great Sunday Morning! ;)
Hap hap, I finally find the way to this blog. Lol. Here I share about Global Peace Youth Corps' programme, special held by Palembang team. The most happy thing is that the programme is actually what we planned in GPV Camp in Makassar before. So, it's dream comes true hahaha.

2nd Save Musi Project! Wohoo, special to celebrate Hari Sumpah Pemuda 2013.
Taken and held on October 27, 2013.

Super brand Save Musi. Our very first Save Musi Project, special to celebrate Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 68 :')
Taken and held on August 17, 2013.

ampera3.jpg (800×476)
The beauty of the couple of Ampera Bridge and Musi River.
So, what really is Save Musi?
For your introduction Musi is the longest river in Indonesia, located in South Sumatera. Its main point located in Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatera, that is where Ampera Bridge stands.

You will never know what behind its beauty, if you not see this:

Trashes everywhere! In the bank of Musi River. What do you think?

Save Musi is our project to simply clean what we can clean to make our beloved river prettier. Of course, we do not only concern about that, we also want to install the values of caring to our environment and engage people around us to care more, too. 

Palembang grabbed the attention of the world after finishing 26th SEA Games in 2011 and Islamic Solidarity Games in 2013. However, prior to these successfully held international events, Palembang seemed like not having any lack because it is already well organized and always have many local and international visitors come and enjoy the beauty of Ampera Bridge and Musi River. But, when we see what surrounding Musi River, there is a poor condition that does not reflect the beauty of Musi River. Benteng Kuto Besak and Musi River are the icons of Palembang that should be free of any kind of rubbish, but in fact what we see there is the opposite. That is why, we want to prove our love and care to our nation with this action.

Through this action, we do not only get the advantage to see our river clean, and prettier. But, also give good impact to ecosystem. Though, it will have to be held regularly. But at least, even it is for two times held, we give our action to greater goods. With this small action, we hope many youths want to give, share, and do something to their environment.

GPYC Palembang, AJU!

writer by : Septia Melia Utami
GPYC Sriwijaya

After finishing the Power of Rupiah Universitas Sriwijaya, we helped others with Sahur on the Road. We helped them with what we have and shared it. We gave them food and our smile. We encouraged them to be a better person. Living for the greater good.

U-Gen Peaceful Sahur On The Road, distributes 50 sahur meals to the society.
The event was succesfully held, thanks to U-Gen, society and students who contributed for Power of Rupiah. 

Route ​: Jalan Merdeka, Masjid Agung Palembang, Kambang Iwak, Jembatan Ampera.
​Time ​: 23.30-03.00 WIB

GPYC Sriwijaya

Hey, my dearest bloggy ! almost 2 weeks I didn't write for you. Since the last day for Global Peace Volunteer Camp. 1.15, i should write what experiences that I got during Camp (as my responsibility or maybe a gift). The most important problem was I should finish my Final Year Project's proposal :D But it's important to tell you. By the way, in the beggining is quite serious, so be ready. In the end will be not. But please, read it ya :)

The title is not described the contents. But it doesnt mean that Global Peace Volunteer make us as a hopeless teenager. Old people always said that"teenagers nowadays are crazy" or "Teenagers are childish and can't understand about hard-working", etc. Is it true, peeps ? :o
In Global Peace Volunteer, we shared about Interfaith, Family and Service. First night, committees gave warm welcome to us. We are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipina, and USA. we were divided into 4 groups and got challenge to make a YELL. After that we played FAKE AND FACT. We started to create a new family :)

On the next day, we attended U-Gen Seminar and launched U-Gen Indonesia. Mr. Nicholas Lee said that "U" is
 you, youth, unity, and university students, it’s up to you to name it. For me, "U" is UNIVERSE :) There were 3 great young leaders icon from 3 countries; Goris Mustaqim (Founder of Asgar Muda-INDONESIA), Nicholas Lee (Founder of Power of Ten Cent Initiatives-MALAYSIA) and Yejin Bae (GPYC Asia Pacific Coordinator-KOREA). All speakers gave some motivations and we as participants had Focus Group Disscussion. We made plans as a youth who have responsibility for the future world. YEAH ! We planned, We disscussed, We shared, and We acted. Not only that, our each group got challenge to make a love and the strongest bridge from newspaper. WE ALL ARE THE WINNER =D

2nd day......

Ms. Tokuda Yor Ching Poon gave lecture about vision and mission of GPF. Further more, I really impressed after watched Ryan's well video. It's a small act that could give a great impact for societies. He's younger than me specially for us. But I thought that I am nothing than him because in my 22 yrs old, I don't make yet a big action like him. Honestly, besides I focus to my study, I started to see my circumstances, to care about socialities, to serve what I can do since Last year after I joined Interfaith Youth Forum 2012 as volunteer and met some inspiring people for my life. After that, Mr. Nicholas Lee Che Kuan gave lecture about True Love and Core Value. FAMILY is the first place to learn and build love :)
Here we stand together
One in all humanity
For we are sister and brother
We are one family

It's our school of love and peace
Where we've learned there's a way
For the world to live in harmony
And together we all say

This is where peace begins
Here we sow the seeds of love
It all starts with our knowing
We are one family
We are one family under God

A learning that I can get is they (speakers) told us about there're many people who don't understand and don't do anything. There're some people who can see but don't understand anything.
See No Do, Understand No Do, yeah something like that. So, what kind of people WE ARE ? Are we a person who know everything but we only keep in  silence ?

To change one person's mind is really difficult.  

In the last GPV, we made action plans about what will we do for our own countries.
How about me ? I have some projects that can describe here. But I will use my writting's hobby to share and give opinion about problems that I've concerned. I thought we can contribute for our future by our own ways.

Next day, we played UNITY BALL in the morning. After that, we visited a blinded school. We made some group with all students there. Created a closer interaction. We sang together, play and shared together. This session was really touchy for me, because although they have visual impairment, they also have great potentials and skills which are awesome :')

Besides, GPV camp was fun, not to serious. GPV is a part of Global Peace Youth Corps.  GPV Camp was very useful to become moral and innovative global leader. In this forum, we also exchanged our cultures. As I know, Phillipinos are cheerful and attractive, Malaysians are friendly. Because Indonesia have a lot of cultures, so we also learned our cultures each others. In the last night, we spent our times with HEART TO HEART (shared our curve lifes to each partner), BBQ , gift exchange and A-Drama performances from each group. 

created by me :)

It was so fun. We performed depend on topic that we got randomly. The last but not least, i felt its friendship. With different cultures, different handsome (eh, not really), with English as our bridge to communicate each others and our same visions to create a better future. All of them are funny, we can laugh together, told mystery stories, and many others. Same like GPV's tagline, ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD (Interfaith, Family and Service), we can feel one humanity athough we're different.


writer by RISKA FITRAH APRIANTI (U-Gen Palembang)