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Great Sunday Morning! ;)
Hap hap, I finally find the way to this blog. Lol. Here I share about Global Peace Youth Corps' programme, special held by Palembang team. The most happy thing is that the programme is actually what we planned in GPV Camp in Makassar before. So, it's dream comes true hahaha.

2nd Save Musi Project! Wohoo, special to celebrate Hari Sumpah Pemuda 2013.
Taken and held on October 27, 2013.

Super brand Save Musi. Our very first Save Musi Project, special to celebrate Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 68 :')
Taken and held on August 17, 2013.

ampera3.jpg (800×476)
The beauty of the couple of Ampera Bridge and Musi River.
So, what really is Save Musi?
For your introduction Musi is the longest river in Indonesia, located in South Sumatera. Its main point located in Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatera, that is where Ampera Bridge stands.

You will never know what behind its beauty, if you not see this:

Trashes everywhere! In the bank of Musi River. What do you think?

Save Musi is our project to simply clean what we can clean to make our beloved river prettier. Of course, we do not only concern about that, we also want to install the values of caring to our environment and engage people around us to care more, too. 

Palembang grabbed the attention of the world after finishing 26th SEA Games in 2011 and Islamic Solidarity Games in 2013. However, prior to these successfully held international events, Palembang seemed like not having any lack because it is already well organized and always have many local and international visitors come and enjoy the beauty of Ampera Bridge and Musi River. But, when we see what surrounding Musi River, there is a poor condition that does not reflect the beauty of Musi River. Benteng Kuto Besak and Musi River are the icons of Palembang that should be free of any kind of rubbish, but in fact what we see there is the opposite. That is why, we want to prove our love and care to our nation with this action.

Through this action, we do not only get the advantage to see our river clean, and prettier. But, also give good impact to ecosystem. Though, it will have to be held regularly. But at least, even it is for two times held, we give our action to greater goods. With this small action, we hope many youths want to give, share, and do something to their environment.

GPYC Palembang, AJU!

writer by : Septia Melia Utami